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It’s a proud moment for the Echo team as we unveil our new brand identity to the world. We are loving our new look which reflects the company’s values, goals and strengths, including its position in the international marketplace for wearable tech. Echo partnered with London-based design agency Jones & Bone to develop this new […]

Never before has a charging accessory been so relevant to the growing demand of our technological devices. Normal cables as we know them are not built for the wear and tear of fast paced modern life. The components are often easily damaged when twisted or put under pressure. Even current that is passing through a […]

There is a lot of speculation at the moment that Apple are going to introduce a reversible USB cable, but is it really necessary? Is the current USB connector really that difficult to plug in? The Guardian did a quick study to see how much time we spend inserting connectors into USB ports and here’s what […]